What type of entertainment are you looking for ?

What type of entertainment are you looking for ?


Just a cup of wine between 20-25 ₪

A bottle of wine 75 - 120 ₪

In for a treat ? Have some fresh local produces

* Our menu changes on a daily basis
Dish of the day 20 - 80 ₪
Amazing view !!!!


Looking for something SPECIAL ?

We serve a great meal at the winery with a personal service, with the unique and magical atmosphere accompanied by a large choice of wines from the winery. In addition you will receive a guided tour with music and wine (between 15 minutes to an hour ) + a short movie and demonstrations.


Would you like to mix business and Pleasure ?

Make a workshop for the office, team, sales, development, or any other type, here at the winery.
In a nice space with a beautiful view which enables you to "think outside of the box" .. accompanied by a great meal and wine.


An authentic gift

A selection of wines nicely gift-wrapped

80 - 300 ₪

Contact us

Winery: 04-6214972
Yaniv: 054-4661552
Yonathan: 054-7915868

Opening Hours

Thursday 19:00 till the last customer
Friday and Holiday's evening 11:00 - 18:00
Saturday and Holidays 11:00 till the last customer
Sunday - Thursday with an appointment
*Reservations must be made in advance


Yekev Lotem is situated at the entrance of the Lotem Yishuv
The old industrial area of Klil 7 Lotem
(שילוט בכניסה)

Arrival Map

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