About the Winery

Lotem Winery is a Boutique of Organic Wine which combines quality wine making use of the latest technologies with Energetic processes and Spiritual content.
Our Wines are the fusion of these two worlds together.

About The Wine Makers

Yonatan Koren – Graduated Wine Sciences in Ohalo College in Kazrin
Yaniv Kimchi – With long international experience of tasting wine and 16 years of making organic wine.

About the Music

Our wine is a work of art which combines tastes, colors, smells and energies of joy and love.
The good energy in the wine is a result of pure organic and natural process and the energies of the music played to the wine throughout the process of fermentation and aging (Wine is a living thing and it reacts to the music).
The energies which the music brings are part of what we want you to drink when you enjoy a glass of our organic wine.